Home Services
House Cleaning Services
We all know that a clean home and a healthy environment are something that your whole family deserves. After a busy working day, it’s wonderful to go to a clean, fresh and pleasant home, isn’t it? That is what we aim for
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Carpet Cleaning Services
Activities like carpet cleaning are an uncomfortable even for the most dedicated housewives. Our everyday life allows us not only to make the rooms, curtains, furniture and carpets dirty, but even to destroy them.
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Office Cleaning Services
You may rely on us to keep your office spotless as well through our effective office cleaning service. The frequency and duration of your cleaner's visits are totally up to you.
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Sofa Set Cleaning Services
Sofa sets accumulates a lot of grime and your vacuum cleaner usually is not enough. We take care of any upholstery type by using different methods: steam cleaning for synthetic fabrics and dry cleaning for natural fabrics.
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Post Construction Cleaning Services
If you need a professional post construction cleaning services in Nairobi, to get your home or office in shape after renovation or decoration work, you can rely on ourr team.
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Pest Control Cleaning Services
Having unwanted pests in your home is never a pleasant experience, and can cause you a lot of distress. Here at Nairobi Pest Control, we understand what you’re going through, and are here to help.
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