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Having unwanted pests in your home is never a pleasant experience, and can cause you a lot of distress. Here at Nairobi Pest Control, we understand what you’re going through, and are here to help.

Any time you find yourself in need of dedicated and professional pest control services in Nairobi, we will be right there with immediate assistance. We work around the clock, are always available for emergency 24 hour pest control Nairobi, and cover all the surrounding local areas within Nairobi, Machakos and Kiambu.

Pest Control Services in Nairobi Kenya

How Does Our Pest Control Services Work

The exact process that takes place depends on factors such as the scale of the problem, the animals or insects involved, where they are, and whether or not it’s a public building. However, the process should always begin with an initial inspection.

A technician from our Nairobi pest control company will speak to you to determine the problems you’ve been experiencing and for how long, as well as examine the property to assess any damage done. A proposed treatment plan will then be put together based on the outcome of this inspection.

Importance of Pest Control Services

Aside from the simple fact that no-one wants rats running around their office or home, there are a number of other reasons pest control is so important. The most pertinent being that pests carry dirt, disease and bacteria, compromising the safety of you and your family, or staff and customers.

It’s especially important to bear in mind when it comes to food safety. Whether it’s in your home, and you’re cooking for you and your family, or you own a restaurant, these germs can be transferred to your food. At best, you have to replace spoiled food, at worst, you could make your family ill or have your restaurant or café shut down.

The other most important reason to deal with pest problems swiftly and efficiently, is because of the structural damage they can cause, with gnawing from mice and rats destroying insulation, pipes and floorboards, or pigeons dislodging roof tiles. We provide a vast range of pest control in Nairobi, from moth fumigation to rat catching, to wasp control.

How Do We Do Pest Control Services in Nairobi

A good pest control company will use more than just one standard technique or treatment. From establishing entry points, to specially designed equipment and treatments, to ensuring the infestation doesn’t return, all steps must also be in accordance with health and safety regulations.

We pride ourselves on one of the most comprehensive approaches to pest control Nairobi has to offer; in fact, we have so much confidence in our treatment regime than we offer a further 3-month guarantee.